Frequently asked questions

What isdomain?

Domain is actually the name of a web page through which we call it. In order to facilitate access to Web pages, the domain has a function to cover and connect you to the IP address of the server where the site is hosted. Example: is our domain.

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting usually means space on a web server where your webpage is attached to make it available 24/7/365. Depending on the needs of customers, TDHost offers multiple hosting packages. In addition to the primary function to host web pages, web hosting is also necessary for creating corporate email addresses. Example

What web hosting package do I need?

The size of the webpage depends on the size of the package that you need. The size of a web page most often depends on the number of multimedia files that will be hosted. The TDLite package from is usually sufficient for hosting a basic corporate web page. If your webpage is updated daily, in that case you will probably need a larger package.

When thinking about which package to choose, it is important to consider the number of company email addresses that you will use and what you will use them for.